Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Howard and I had a late night Friday so we decided to sleep in on Saturday.  When we woke up, I decided I felt like going to a nice lunch somewhere since we were already heading to town.  We ended up at Olive Garden and the food was delicious.  Next we went over to our friend's house to get some more stuff they wanted to give us for the house.  They are moving to New York this summer and are trying to de-clutter.  They've already given us a pool table and tons of decorative house stuff and I couldn't be more grateful.  I've realized we really have nothing! 

We passed by the house shack on the way there.  I know I've blogged about it before but I can't for the life of me find the post.  This old, black woman has built a shelter (and I use that term loosely) out of anything she could get her hands on- old wood, pallets, metal scraps, car doors, etc.  She has no heat, running water or electricity.  Saturday I decided to take a picture when we passed by so I could post it here.  I had my camera all ready and then I saw her outside standing next to her barrel of fire she uses to cook and stay warm.  And she was staring at me.  With a cold, death stare.  With her crazy, voodoo eyes.  I slowly raised my hand to wave but she just kept on staring at me as we drove by.  When we got to Kevin & Lisa's, I told them about it.  Lisa asked me if I had seen any dogs or cats running around which I hadn't.  She said the rumor is the woman keeps strays around for a couple days and then cooks them in the barrel of fire and eats them.  I'm scarred.  Permanently scarred.  For life.  I couldn't think of anything else for the rest of the day.  The very thought of it has my stomach churning right now.  And if you're anything like me, you're feeling the same way now.  You're oh so welcome.

We left Kevin and Lisa's with my car loaded down and went to meet Matt & Ivy at the bowling alley.  And like usual, Matt kicked our asses.  I at least took second both rounds.  We've decided to do bumper bowling next time to level the playing field a bit.  After bowling we went over to the bar for a little while.  Then we finally headed home.  When I rounded the corner and the house came into view, I realized I had left the garage door wide open all day long.  The door from the garage to the kitchen was unlocked as well.  Nice going, Dana.  Howard, very aware of my paranoia, says to me, "I suppose you want me to go in first and search the house to make sure there isn't anyone hiding in the closets".  He knows me so well =)

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  1. Howard needs to come to my house for closet checks. Yesterday I left the backdoor unlocked all day and the first thing I did was run through the house checking all the rooms for stolen items.

    Did I mention there are TWO cops who live on my street and keep their cars in their driveways?

    How creepy would it have been if the shack lady was sitting in your living room watching tv all casual like when you got home?