Monday, February 15, 2010

Crazy Coincedence

Friday night when Howard came home from work, he handed me two cds (Zac Brown Band and Cage the Elephant) I have been wanting for my Valentine's gift.  He told me he got them at a little hole in the wall store in Murray near his office.  The guy had recommended another artist to him but Howard couldn't remember his name.  Said it was something like Jeff Bingham.  That conversation pretty much ended there. 

Later on, we were watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics and the new "We Are The World" remake came on.  I was amazed at how many artists where contributing.  However, when the camera panned over the singers, I recognized someone but couldn't place his name.  He was the older man with the scruffy, grey beard.  And because I'm neurotic when it comes to these things (see here), I had to figure it out.  I set out to googling the song participants on my phone but I couldn't find a complete list.  At this point, Howard decides he wants to figure out the name of the artist the guy told him about so he grabs my phone from me.  I sat there thinking and thinking until it finally came to me.  Jeff Bridges!  Man, I was proud of myself.  But not even a minute later, Howard laughs and says, "Well I figured out who it is.  It's Ryan Bingham.  He did some songs on the movie Crazy Heart.  Guess who the star of Crazy Heart is?  Jeff Bridges."  So random that the people we were both searching for were connected.

The next morning we were doing some stuff around the house and we had CMT playing in the background and guess what song came on?  "The Weary Kind" by Ryan Bingham, the theme song to Crazy Heart and of course the video starred Jeff Bridges.  So weird!

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  1. I love "The Weary Kind". I downloaded it onto my Iphone about 2 months ago after hearing
    Ryan Bingham sing it on Imus in the Morning.
    You should have just called me.