Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why Yesterday Never Got Better

...Because as if it isn't hard enough to walk two dogs at the same time that never seem to want to go in the same direction, my a-hole neighbor decided it would be funny to parade his female dog who happens to be in heat in front of Copper everytime I went to walk them last night.  Copper might be small but let me tell you, that dog is strong.  He took one whiff of this female in heat and beelined straight for her pulling me forward off guard straight into a pile of dog crap. 

...Because I lost both fantasy leagues by 4 points after being in 1st place in both.  4 MEASLY, ITTY BITTY POINTS.  Eff you Tom Brady.  Eff you Peyton Manning (yes, I said it Leslie).  Eff you Kevin Boss.  Why do I play this stupid game each year??  The Fantasy Gods hate me.  ...But I can't wait for next year!!!

...Because "Bad Romance" by icky Lady Gaga came on the radio on my way home yesterday and though I switched it in .002 seconds, I still couldn't get the terrible song out of my head ALL night.  Howard begged and pleaded me to stop singing it and even played numerous other songs in an attempt to get a better song in my head but to no avail.  And now that I just wrote this, it's back in my head.  FML.

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  1. I am the WORST when it comes to getting songs stuck in my head. To tease me my boyfriend will randomly start one up just to watch me whistle 'I'm a little tea cup' ALL NIGHT LONG.

    I feel your pain.