Monday, December 21, 2009

I Hate Today

I am not in a good mood today.  I'm actually in a really bad mood.  For several reasons...

...Because it's Monday.  Mondays suck.  Plain and simple.

...Because we didn't get one drop of snow here all weekend.  Share the wealth VA!

...Because my GChat currently has two people online.  TWO.  All that snow that was stolen from me and dumped on VA has kept all my friends enemies home all comfy and cuddly in their cozy beds instead of in their offices entertaining me.

...Because I am currently 10 points away from making it to my Fantasy Football Super Bowl and it's all riding on Kevin Boss.  I'm relying on a NY Giant.  Yuck. 

...Because the lady in front of me at Subway ordered like 117 footlongs and couldn't remember what went on each one.  Write.It.Down.  How hard is that?  Then she paid for each one separately. 

...Because my boss can't seem to figure out I am almost 30 years old and thinks it's fun to call me names like Kiddo, Missy Daney, Dana Lu, Sweetie, Honey, Dana Wana and Deeners.  MY EFFING NAME IS DANA.

...Because I'm almost 30 years old.

...Because I had to hear that one of my employees couldn't come to work today because he has a boil under his arm that is now starting to drain.  Ew.  Just Ew.  Just tell me you are sick.

...Because I had to hear that one of my employees couldn't come to work today because he "acted a fool" last night when he "beat his baby momma's new boyfriend".  Just tell me you are sick.

...Because vendors and customers keep bringing me two pound boxes of chocolate and fudge. 

...Because I have eaten way too much chocolate and fudge and I don't even like chocolate or fudge.

...Because it's Monday.  Blah.

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