Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Weekend in Atlanta

This past weekend, Howard and I drove down to Atlanta to visit my brother and his family.  Before we left, we went to look at a house for sale.  I am sooo in love with it.  But I am not getting my hopes too high.  We decided to make an offer on it after discussing it on our drive down.  We went to a Kinko's in Atlanta and had our realtor fax the paperwork to us and prompty faxed it back signed.  Now we wait...

We spent Saturday night at my brother's house eating and drinking and hanging with his family.  His little girls are too adorable for words.  Brooke is just at the cutest stage.  She calls Howard, "Auntie Howard".  I think by the end of the trip, she could have called him anything and he wouldn't have cared.  Anthony and Howard left to make a beer run and Suzanne and I were decorating the tree with Brooke and Paige when the following conversation happened. 

Suzanne:  Brookie, what do we make Santa for Christmas?
Brooke:  Cooooookies!
Me:  Does Santa like milk with his cookies?
Brooke:  Nooooooo.
Suzanne:  No?  What does Santa drink then?
Brooke:  Beeeeeeeeer!

Too funny!  We woke up bright and early Sunday morning and headed to the Eagles/Falcons game.  Anthony is an Eagles fan magnet apparently because somehow he managed to find 15 people, all Eagles fans plus Howard, to attend the game with.  He purchased 16 tickets in two rows on the 50 yard line.  They were great seats and it was a GREAT game.  We all tailgated together as well and there was tons of food.  I made my special ribs the night before and then heated them up on the grill the next day.  I was told by everyone that they were the best ribs they had ever tasted.  One girl told me that there weren't any ribs that could beat her recipe that uses a pressure cooker.  Then she told me she was wrong and her husband told her to throw out the pressure cooker.  Every single person wanted the recipe and I was then crowned the "Rib Lady".  Needless to say, since I can barely cook, it felt great :)

We had to leave to drive back to KY right after the game which was sort of a bummer but it was still a fantastic weekend.  And like usual, I don't have a single picture to show for it.

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