Monday, May 3, 2010

More Critters

We had record rainfalls this past weekend.  Friday night, the beetles attacked our windows attempting, I assume, to get out of the rain.  I was flicking them off the window screens when Howard got the bright idea to make it a game of baseball.  He went outside onto the porch and as I flicked them, he would use his shoe as a bat.  Childish?  Maybe.  Entertaining?  Definitely.  The bodies of the fallen beetles lay strewn all over our porch and we thought nothing of it.

Come Saturday afternoon, I was highly regretting our stupid antics as the flies had come to feast on the beetles.  They were everywhere.  Anytime you opened a door, a couple would somehow make their way in.  And this would drive Jack and Copper insane as they tried to catch them.  Here's Coppy after a fun day of chasing flies all over the house:

Out like a light.  And snoring EXTREMELY loudly as well. 

The flies brought out a new creature that night. 

Frog 1 - Bud

Frog 2 - Weis

Frog 3 - Er

Frog 4 - Jeremiah

Granted I would much rather have frogs hanging around the porch over spiders anyday.  I'm seeing less and less spiders but they are still hanging out in and around the house.  Saturday afternoon, I went down into the basement to do laundry.  I picked a couple towels off the floor to throw in the wash and a huge, furry spider fell out onto the ground.  I used a pool stick to make him go splat.  I found one in my boot this morning.  Normally I wouldn't even check before slipping them on my feet but last night I found a beetle in my slipper and freaked out. 

In other news, we have baby birdies!  Howard used a stick to peek in the birdhouse we put up a while back and found a nest with newborn babies in it.

I was petrified that taking a picture of them might keep the mama bird from coming back to feed them so I made Howard promise to chew up worms and regurgitate them if it came down to it.  The mama bird came back though so he's off the hook.  Damn.

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