Friday, May 14, 2010


Wednesday morning on the way to work, I heard that you could enter your business for free blizzards from Dairy Queen simply by emailing the radio station.  So I emailed them.  For the record, I hate ice cream so this actually wasn't about me for once.  I actually thought that blizzards on a Friday would lift the guys spirits and I believed they honestly deserved them.  I can be nice sometimes.  It's rare, but it happens.

Imagine my surprise while driving to work this morning and hearing the name of our company being honored.  I was stunned.  I mean, I just emailed them Wednesday.  When I got to the office I only told Itchie and my boss because I didn't want to get the guys hopes up if the station didn't come through.

I was chatting with Amanda C. this morning and I told her that this was my reason to finally get a group picture of the crew that I could post on the blog.  We were both very excited about this prospect.  I mean you guys could finally see what I work with. 

But then...

me: omg
it happened so fast
and they made us take a picture
and im in it
and its going on their website
im with the CRAZIES

that's even better

me: that is sooooooo not better!

Amanda: oh no, WAY better
when will the pic be posted?

me: im not telling anyone what station it was
oh no
no no no no

No way anyone is ever seeing that picture.  Well, any of you that is.  EVER.  End. of. Story.

PS.  It's been confirmed.  Ice cream is still gross.  The Reeses chunks I picked out were tasty though.

Update...DAMN YOU GOOGLE!  Thanks for calling it out Eve ;)  I should just erase your comment but since you put the effort in, I'll leave it....for now.

PPS.  Actually I lied.  They didn't take a picture.  So stop looking for it.


  1. See now this is why Google can be dangerous. I am dying to see the photo so I quickly found that WKYQ is doing Blizzard giveaways in Paducah. :) And how do you not like ice cream!?

  2. Don't worry, Eve. Let's just give it a few days so they have time to post. We'll find it!

  3. lol I feel bad - don't hate me! Hey, we already know you work with this bunch. I just want to see them!

  4. No worries Eve, I would have done the same to you =)