Thursday, May 20, 2010

Small World

I received a call from a new customer this morning.  He was coming in towards the end of the day and wanted a cell number in case he was going to get here after we closed.  I gave him mine which still has a 703 area code.  He was confused at first and said he thought he was calling the facility in Kentucky.  I explained that I used to live in VA.  Guess what?  He did too.  For 28 years.  He's originally from here but moved east after high school.  He came back two years ago to visit and fell in love with an old high school girlfriend so he moved back permanently.

When he got here, we got to talking.  He told me the name of his company back in VA.  I looked it up and it's literally less than a mile from my old townhouse.  It was kind of cool to talk to someone about Sterling.  He's even been to WINGS!!! which was like my second home when I lived there.  Crazy!!

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