Monday, March 8, 2010

Hosemobile = Devil

Since it was nearly 65 degrees yesterday, we decided to spend the day outside working around the yard.  And by working I mean, I walked around the yard with a beer saying things like "I bet ya can't fix that..." and Howard would proceed to fix it while I watched.  I like to call it motivation.  Things were moving along just fine.  "We" had reattached some loose boards to the shed, hung a motion light, capped and caulked the ends of the clothesline and hung some bird feeders.  "We" moved on to setting up the Hosemobile aka "The Devil". 

It might look easy but let me tell you that's clearly not the case.  We (and I really mean we now) went about trying to figure out the Hosemobile without instructions because none were provided.  We just couldn't figure out how to attach the hose.  And then we saw the opening on the side we were missing and we were all like, "HAHAHA! We are so dumb! How could we not see that! This will go so much smoother now! YAY!  HIGH FIVE!"

So we set it up and turned the water on and aimed the hose and...NOTHING.  The water would not come out the hose.  We tried and tried again.  Detached the whole thing and started over.  Still N.O.T.H.I.N.G.  We were very angry at this point.  I tried googling instructions on setting it up (ya know, since none were provided).  I was sitting on the steps in the garage when I noticed something sticking out of the trashcan.  I walked over and pulled it out.  It happened to be the instructions that came with the cart that Howard hadn't remembered tearing off the night before and tossing in the trash (possibly due to some alcohol intake).

I handed the instructions over to Howard with a smirk on my face like, "HAHAHA!  You are so dumb!  How could you not remember it had instructions!!  This will go so much smoother NOW!  YAY!  HIGH FIVE!"  Except NO.  The instructions didn't help one bit.  They made it worse actually. 

Howard decides the problem is inside the mechanism and tries to pry it open.  A couple bloody knuckles later and he succeeds.  That's right, this innocent Hosemobile made him bleed.  Howard - 0, Hosemobile/Devil - 5.

Fast forward to three hours into this whole debacle and we are at our wits' end.  We spent THREE HOURS attempting to attach a garden hose to a reel cart.  WTF?  Howard had resorted to kicking and throwing it around the yard in attempt to make himself feel better.

We finally just gave up.  And that's not easy for us to do.  The Hosemobile defeated us.  I still have a hard time admitting it. 

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  1. DAMN. Ok, that really is one tricky hose-roller-upper-thingy.