Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Random Act of Kindness

Our friends gave us a lawn mower they are no longer using a couple weekends ago.  We got it started once but were not able to keep it running long enough to actually get any mowing done.  We were contemplating buying a brand new one to avoid the hassle of finding someone to fix it for us.  Friday night, Howard went up to the local grocery store to get a couple of steaks to grill out.  While there, he asked the owner if he knew of anyone in the area that fixed mowers.  He pointed up the road and said to try Mike and gave Howard the description of his house.  Howard drove down a long, dirt road to his house but no one was home so he left a note in the door.

Later that evening, Mike called back and told Howard to bring the mower by the next morning.  We dropped it off Saturday on our way to town.  We met him and his wife and their granddaughter and they couldn't be nicer.  He told us it would probably be Monday evening before he had it ready and since they were calling for rain, we had no problem with that.  However, two hours later, he called Howard and let him know that he had it working already.

Howard went to pick it up Sunday morning and had made sure to get some cash from the ATM to pay Mike for his services.  But this is Wingo and the Wingo way is free.  He wouldn't accept any money for fixing the mower.  He also told Howard if we had anymore problems to just bring it back by.  On Howard's way out, he asked if Mike sold any riding mowers since we know we are going to need one.  Mike pointed to one on his lawn and said he was just about done tuning it up and he would sell it for $100 and all work needing to be done at any point on it would be free of charge.  SOLD!  Compared to the brand news ones we looked at, this is quite a steal. 

There is nothing quite like living in a small town.  And I quite like it =)

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