Monday, March 29, 2010

My Phone Can't Swim

I have a problem.  My phone.  It's my life support.  I can't exist without it.  So much so that I feel the need to take it into the bathroom with me.  Despite flushing it down the toilet last June, I didn't learn my lesson.  And so I attempted to flush it down the toilet again yesterday.  How could this happen again, you ask.  Well, how about the EXACT. SAME. WAY. AS. LAST. TIME.  It fell from my sweatshirt pocket straight into the toilet.  But this time I realized it.  It was like it happened in slow motion.  And I grabbed for it plunging my hand straight down into the flushing toilet of pee.  And I don't care who knows it.  My phone is that worth it.  Unfortunately it was too late.  My phone is a goner.  I was a wreck yesterday.  We don't have Internet at home right now so I rely on my phone to keep me connected to the outside world.  I couldn't check Facebook or my Google Reader or purchase that 24-piece bedding set I was looking at right before my phone took a dive.  Do you know how many times in a 8 hour period something crossed my mind that I wanted to look up and I reached for my phone only to realize again that it was dead to the world?  Like 567,893,546,190 times.  And I can't get the insurance to replace it for 3-7 days due to the phone being on backorder.  FML.

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  1. Haha, I did the dame thing to my iPhone about two months after owning it! Now when I walk into the bathroom I remove my phone from my sweatshirt pocket, or back pocket, clutch it with a death grip, and hold it above my head! I probably look insane, but I hear ya, my phone and I are engaged.