Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Lake

Yesterday afternoon, Howard and I decided to go to the lake. Honestly, I don't know why we don't do this more often as it basically in our backyard. I get so jealous reading my friend's Facebook status updates about the beach all the time being the closest beach is 9 hours away but this is the next best thing. It takes 10-15 minutes to get to what we call Pebble Beach. We arrived there about 5:30 in the afternoon and it was a gorgeous day. They had been calling for a thunderstorm earlier in the morning but it passed right over us and onto Louisville where it produced massive flooding.

We had about 45 minutes of pure bliss before I noticed something threatening our perfect afternoon. I asked Howard what this dark cloud was in the distance and he said, "Oh don't worry, it's moving in the other direction..." Riiiiight...

"Hey Howard, I don't think it's moving in the other direction anymore..."

This all happened in the span of about 3 minutes. It went from a beautiful and bright day to a dark and stormy night in 3 lil bitty minutes.

This picture doesn't even do this scene justice. You could see the rain moving across the water in a sheet coming right at us. The wind picked up to (according to reports) 70-80 mph and limbs began falling from trees. The rocks on the beach were flying across the ground as well.

Seriously, it was pretty effing awesome. We got out of there before the rain hit us but not by much. The scary thing is there were people out on the water in boats who had no time to prepare for this freak storm. As we drove back into town, we noticed all of the power was out. And in a wave, we saw it all come back on. Also, pretty awesome.

I told you Kentucky was weather was strange.

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  1. wow that lake is just beautiful! And yeah you have really crazy weather there!