Monday, August 30, 2010

File Cabinet Transformation

We moved into our house back in the middle of January.  I swore to everyone that I would post pictures as soon as I had finished decorating.  Do you know how expensive decorating is?  We were moving from a small 2 bedroom apartment into a rather large rancher.  I also never decorated the apartment since we were only supposed to be there 6 months.  6 months somehow turned into 2 years and yet, I never hung one single picture.  I never even bought one single picture.

Upon moving in, I had ideas for each room in the house.  Unfortunately I didn't have the money to make those ideas happen.  I gave up after about 2 weeks and the house has sat nearly empty all this time.  Sure, we have some furniture but that's about it.  Take for example the guest room and office/guest room.  The only reason those rooms have beds is because Howard's mom and grandmother visited in April and we didn't think it would be polite to ask them to pitch a tent out back or crash on the couches.  I know!  We are THAT  nice.

So after 8 months of living in a barren house, I've decided the key is to go room by room.  Attempting to decorate a whole house is intimidating and expensive.  I wanted to start on a smaller scale so I chose the office/guest room.  I just finished my first project so I figured I'd share. 

As ugly as our filing cabinets are, we need at least one.  There was nothing technically wrong with either of them.  But talk about an eyesore.  I chose the one I thought was less offensive and gave it a makeover.  The other one will go downstairs in the basement in storage for the time being.



Howard, who was at first skeptical of my creative talents, even admitted he loves it.  He wants me to do the other one.  It was extremely easy.  I just used some spray paint and vinyl wall art panels. 

Sometimes I even impress myself.


  1. Dana - it's fabulous!!! So creative! Can you come do my house now? I love it!!

  2. great work! looks awesome Martha!