Thursday, August 19, 2010

Be Nice To Me Karma...Please?

This past weekend, Howard and I agreed to do nothing.  No adventuring into town.  No grocery shopping.  No leaving the house at all.  On Saturday morning, he slept in.  On Sunday morning, I slept in.  I woke up around noon and made my way to the kitchen.  Howard was standing at the fridge packing a mini-cooler with beer. 

WOW!  Already? 

If you had my morning, you'd be doing the same.


There was a snake in the garage.


Why are you laughing?  It's not funny.

Yes.  It SO is.

I laughed as he proceeded to tell me all about finding it.  I laughed as he described creeping across the garage to get the shovel.  I laughed and laughed because I was imagining my experience with the already dead snake I attempted to kill.  My laugh turned into more of a nervous chuckle when he began describing hosing all of the blood out of the garage.


Yes, Dana, blood.  Take a look at the picture I took to determine if it was poisonous.

Insert a ton of bleeps here and then finally...  That is not a snake.  That is an anaconda!  What the hell is in it's mouth?

A frog.  (As my face crumbles and he knows I might cry...) But don't worry, once I hit it with the shovel, the frog happily hopped away.  (Shut up and let me believe what I want.)

I have put off writing this until now because Howard's been out of town.  I couldn't help but believe Karma was going to leave a snake in my bed as my punishment for laughing hysterically at a situation I may not absolutely no freaking chance would have been able to handle.  And we all know I would be on my way to Northern Virginia the nearest hotel for the night.

And why not Northern VA?  Because of GChat conversations with people back in Nova from the past two days that start like this:

Amanda: took me 2 1/2 hours to get into work today


Kathleen: DMV since 7:30am didn't get out until 10 am

If you read my list of reasons why I like living in KY, you will find:

c. Absolutely no traffic...ever


g. No lines or taking numbers at the "DMV"

I WIN!  Snakes and all.



  1. HAHAHAHHAHAHA. hilarious. chalk one for the ky girl!

    if it makes you feel better, kevin's dad shot a snake the other day. Guess it's easier than getting a shovel and attacking.

  2. Excuse me but I would rather go back to the DMV for an entire day before having to deal with a venomous snake with a bull frog in its mouth. Honesty from one country girl no another ;)

  3. I meant from one country girl TO another..... my b