Friday, April 8, 2011

We Have a Garden!

Howard and I were adamant that this year we were going to have a real garden.  One that wasn't overrun with weeds.  One where you could actually distinguish vegetables plants from wild plants.  One that might actually produce something edible.

Yesterday afternoon, we finally made a real attempt.  We dusted off the shovels and hoes and spent three backbreaking hours digging away.  There were a few times we thought about giving up and making due with a smaller garden but we kept at it.  Here is our progress:



Hard work really pays off sometimes!

What?  Why don't you believe me?  Because you know me and know there isn't a freaking chance I did this?

Fiiiine.  In reality I was in the living room watching Top Chef Masters and Howard was peeking out the guest room window marveling at the site of a man on a tractor tilling the garden in less than 30 minutes.

What can I say?  Paying for hard work to be done is more our style.


  1. I love it!!! Wish I thought of that!!!! Kills me that I have to till it, work it, pick it, clean it, and cook it, while E.W. is fishing and having a good ole time. I'm crazy aren't I????? I love fresh veggies though. Couldn't even imagine not having a garden. Way to go you two. Now, remember to put down some nylon mesh so the weeds don't get through! It really helps with the weeding process. Trust me, Been there, Done that!!!!!! Good Luck. Love you!!!