Friday, October 29, 2010

Check Yes or No

When Howard and I got back from Nashville and picked up the dogs at the boarder's, we were told Copper is a tad chick crazy.  As in she had to separate her female dog Winnie from Copper all weekend long because he was mounting her every chance he got.  Howard and I decided it might be a good time to get him neutered. 

I called the vet that was recommended to us and asked about pricing.  The assistant told me it would be $82.50 for the surgery and anethesia so I made the appointment for Thursday morning.  I arrived at the vet yesterday morning all set to fork over the agreed upon sum and Copper.  The assistant handed me a form I had to sign first.  Included on that form were several add-on options.  And all those options cost additional money.  But of course!  She explained that they are all very highly recommended to ensure my pet's utmost safety.

If you don't want your dog to be in pain, check here!  $10.50

If you want take home medication so he's not in pain later, check here!  $16.95

If you want a catheter already in place in case medication needs to be issued in an emergency, check here!  $26.70

If you want an EKG performed before surgery to ensure there won't be any complications, check here!  $55.10

If you don't check every box above, you are a cold, heartless, indecent bitch.
I began envisioning getting a call later on in the day. 
Dana?  We have some very bad news.  Copper has passed away during surgery.  That EKG you checked no for could have prevented it.  But since you're a heartless bitch, you probably don't care anyway.
The end total was somewhere around $250.  I checked every one of those boxes.  Because I love that damn dog.


  1. I would have too.

    Check check check that shit away until I knew she'd be safe.

    Glad your little man is safe, and missing his 'guys'! :)

  2. lolllllllll lollllllllllllll ok i can't stop lolllllllllllll been there done this

  3. The only comment I have is why in the HELL didn't they just give you the FULL amount so you could plan for that instead of surprising you with it at the office. That's just total bullshit!!!!!! That was very unfair to you!!! Of course, I'd have done the same thing, but come on!!!! TOTAL BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ahhhhh that happened to me when I took my kitty in to get "fixed." OH THE GUILT.

  5. That price tag makes me so happy the animal shelter had already taken care of that!